we take pride in seeing the whole person and not just the disease and approach kidney and blood pressure related problems by focusing on prevention as well as treatment

Our doctors view patient engagement and involvement as highly important and an integral aspect of our care.

          we try our best to ensure that we provide the necessary tools, assistance and education to achieve optimal care and best results.  

Team approach to renal care also extends to physicians and care providers outside our office and dialysis units. 

We work closely with and communicate with primary care physicians as well as transplant teams within and outside of New Mexico to ensure smooth and consistent coordination of care.

we provides renal care Consultation at our santa fe office and dialysis care at several dialysis units in Santa Fe, Espanola, Las Vegas and Jicarilla. 

The overall goal of our research program is the acquisition of new knowledge that will advance our understanding of kidney biology and the pathogenesis and treatment of renal disease.